2024 Mazda2 And CX-3 Has Larger Infotainment In Japan

Mazda has updated the infotainment systems in its 2 and CX-3 models, replacing the old ones. They now have a new 8.8-inch screen with online features, but it still looks like a tablet on the dashboard. This change is happening for the 2024 models in Japan, and we hope it will happen worldwide.

Before this update, the 2 and CX-3 used older infotainment systems, and you can still find those in the 6 sedan and the MX-5. There’s a rumor that the sports car MX-5 might get this new screen too, but nothing is confirmed.

In Japan, they used to call the 2024 Mazda2 “Demio.” It’s technically an older model because Mazda has been selling a newer version in Europe. The new infotainment system will keep the hatchback around for a while, even though it’s almost 10 years old. Besides the new screen, the Mazda2 also gets some cool design touches.

Mazda stopped selling the Mazda2 in the USA after 2021, but it’s still available in some places. In Japan, they’re making a special version of it with style changes and a better diesel engine.

In Japan, the Mazda2 will be available to buy in late December, and the CX-3 will come out in February 2024. You can choose between different engines, manual or automatic transmissions, and front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

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