2022 Suzuki Vitara Hybrid 1.5 140V in Solar Yellow

The thermal unit is a new four-cylinder naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle with a displacement of 1,462 cm3. and a 13: 1 compression ratio. The total power of the petrol engine is 75kW (102hp), while the total system power – in combination with the electric motor generator – reaches 84 kW (115hp).

Suzuki presents the new VITARA HYBRID 1.5 140V , the latest evolution of the model that inaugurated the compact SUV category in Italy in 1988. This version brings the 1.5 140V hybrid engine to its debut, alongside the popular 1.4 48V variant.

The new propulsion system blends the adventurous spirit of the original VITARA with the needs of today’s motorists, who are increasingly attentive to efficiency and respect for the environment, as well as comfort and performance.

With this new model, the electrification process of the Suzuki range, which began in 2016 with the Baleno Hybrid, has come to completion and enters a new phase.

The Suzuki hybrid 140 Volt technology that debuts with VITARA HYBRID 1.5 140V will play an increasingly important role in the near future and will also be offered on other models, allowing to comply with the increasingly stringent European regulations on emissions.

VITARA HYBRID 1.5 140V is only available with AGS automatic transmission, both with front-wheel drive and 4×4 AllGrip all-wheel drive and is offered in the only exclusive Starview trim.

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