2022 Suzuki GSX S950 Riding and Exhaust Sound

The Suzuki GSX-S950 arrives in the Dealership.
The bike from the Hamamatsu house revolutionizes the naked segment with unique technical features and unrivaled racing DNA. Suzuki engineers were inspired by the “Beauty and Fun” concept and developed a bike with seductive lines and a sporty and exciting soul, which interprets, through its modern shapes and the use of innovative technologies, the Suzuki sporting tradition making it usable to a new generation of motorcyclists.

Riding the myth
The GSX-S950 is the new entry model to the range of the legendary four-cylinder Suzuki mille and represents for the two-wheel sector what the torii arefor the Eastern Shinto world. The characteristic red portals typical of Japanese culture are in fact the passages placed at the entrance to sacred areas, beyond which one finds oneself immersed in a magical atmosphere.

To each his own GSX-S950
The 999 cm3 Euro 5 engine of the GSX-S950it is offered in two power levels, with 70 or 35 kW. This Suzuki is the weakest motorbike with the largest cubic capacity in the list, the only one that can be purchased by A2 license holders capable of giving the thrills and exhilarating sound that only a thousand can offer.

The full power version has a maximum power of 70 kW (95 HP) at 7,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpm, while the weakened version has 35 kW (47.5 HP) at 6,100 rpm and 75 Nm at 3,250 rpm. In both cases, the engine exploits the high displacement to its advantage to respond promptly from low revs and ensure extraordinary smooth running.
The street fighter’s engine is a close relative of the one that allowed Suzuki to win the 20th World Endurance Championship in its history in 2021, thanks to a perfect balance between performance and reliability.
Even the chassis of the GSX-S950derives from that of the multi-victorious GSX-R1000. The lightweight and sturdy double-beam frame is made of aluminum, the same high-quality material also used for the swingarm. The latter acts by means of a lever on a shock absorber that can be adjusted in spring preload and in the hydraulic brake in extension. Its calibration and that of the 43 mm KYB upside-down fork are optimized to work best with Dunlop Roadsport 2 radial tires fitted as original equipment and designed specifically for the GSX-S950 .
The braking system features a pair of 310 mm floating front discs on which four-piston monobloc and radial-mount callipers produced by Tokico act.

ABS is just one of the many technologies that support the driver in driving, to which are added the numerous integrated electronic systems. The electronic ride-by-wire throttle ensures gradual and natural responses to every action on the gas, while the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) “ Aprisereno ” system (STCS) prevents rear wheel slippage and loss of grip during acceleration. This electronic traction control is adjustable to three levels of intervention and can also be deactivated if desired. The electronic equipment is expanded with the Suzuki Easy Start System and the “ Partisereno ” – Low RPM Assist system, which respectively facilitate starting and starting, making everyday use more comfortable and easy.

Like an athlete ready to shoot
The richness of the technological equipment is underlined by the futuristic style of the GSX-S950. The main distinguishing feature of the line is the compact front, with a superimposed LED headlight as beautiful as it is effective in lighting. The tail is short and sleek, while in the central part the mass appears visually shifted forward and makes the bike seem always about to make a leap. The tank also has taut lines, which find continuity in the side conveyors. Despite its 19-liter capacity, its hips are slender and help make the rider feel at one with the bike, also allowing him to rest his feet firmly on the ground. Finally, the wide handlebar, which has the ends angled towards the rider and is located at the right distance from the saddle surface, defines a perfect riding position.

Two colors and infinite customizations
LaGSX-S950 can be ordered in two colorways, each of which brings out a different side of the bike’s personality. Miami Blue is the launch color and with its bright hue it creates an immediate reference to the Suzuki identity in the field of road sports. The Black Dubai livery, on the other hand, alternates glossy and opaque components, creating an elegant and refined contrast. Both variants share gritty details with an exclusive textured pattern finish baptized forged carbon look.
Whichever color you choose, the GSX-S950it can be customized in an easy and fun way by choosing from the 29 original accessories. Some items allow you to give a special touch to the line, while others increase the protection or versatility of use. The offer in the catalog ranges from carbon details to sliders through an assortment of stickers and tank bags.

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