2022 Lexus NX Old vs New Power Rear Door Operation

A new low-speed/high-torque spindle-type electric motor makes operation of the power tailgate quicker, with no delay between operating the control switch and the start of the door moving. Overall, opening and closing time has been reduced by half to around four seconds. The process is also quieter and with a more compact unit, there is less intrusion in the driver’s rearward view.

The back door can be opened and closed using a switch on the instrument panel or the button on the vehicle key; there is also a switch on the underside of the tailgate and an additional switch to close the door and lock the vehicle. The system is available with a kick sensor for hands-free opening. The opening height of the door can be set to a preferred height, for example to avoid hitting a low garage ceiling. An assist function will close the door fully when it is pulled down manually.

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