2022 Jeep Renegade 4xe Upland and e Hybrid S

Thanks to the new e-Hybrid propulsion system, Renegade and Compass offer a brand-new alternative in the two-wheel drive segment. Customers’ driving habits can remain unchanged, and they can enjoy a genuine hybrid experience with the possibility of going into full-electric mode during parking and low-speed driving thanks to the “EV capabilities”.
Let’s take a closer look at how these functions work during everyday use. First off, once in the vehicle, it silently turns on and takes off in full electric mode thanks to its Silent Start function. However, this is just one of the “EV” functions that automatically turns on in the Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid. For example, Energy Recovery switches on by itself in order to get the energy back which was lost during the stages of deceleration or braking. In the former case, the e-Coasting mode activates as soon as you take your foot off the gas in order to reproduce the sensation of engine braking. On the other hand, the e-Braking function turns on when you brake in order to increase energy recovery. In the meantime, the energy recovered and power supplied are indicated on the instrument panel, and it is possible to view the hybrid system’s energy flow on the infotainment touchscreen. During all these driving modes the combustion engine is turned off and disconnected from the transmission.
Furthermore, the driving experience on board the Jeep e-Hybrid SUV makes sure that the vehicle turns back on with just the electric engine thanks to its e-Launch function. However, when you push on the gas for greater performance, the combustion engine silently turns back on, going from hybrid driving to automatic mode. And what happens if you are moving slowly through bumper-to-bumper traffic, as often happens in city driving? In this case, there is the e-Queueing mode, which allows for the vehicle to stop and go in full-electric mode, and the e-Creeping mode, which allows the vehicle to travel with the engine off by simply releasing the brake pedal. Once you are out of traffic and traveling faster, it is possible to optimize the combustion engine’s Load Point Shift through the calibration of the drive or brake torque supplied by the electric engine. The final result sees a further increase in the system’s efficiency. Moreover, during acceleration, the e-Boosting function accentuates prompt response, as the electric engine supports the petrol engine by increasing the torque to the wheels. When the Jeep Compass and Renegade e-Hybrid has reached its destination, it is possible to trust the e-Parking function which allows you to electrically perform the necessary movements, even in reverse, making them practical, silent, and zero-emissions even when you are using the automatic parking system.

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