2022 Honda HR-V e HEV Interior

Inside the new HR-V, every design element is dedicated to achieving a sense of generous spaciousness and airiness that connects occupants to the outside world, with levels of comfort and practicality unrivalled in the sub-compact SUV segment. Contemporary fabrics and textured materials create a solid, premium feel, with the quality of soft-touch materials.

The interior was designed with a focus on space and light to elevate the sense of airiness in the cabin. This airy feeling is amplified by a unique ‘Air Diffusion System’ where L-shaped vents are positioned in the top corners of the dashboard. This new system addresses a disparity in traditional vent configurations, where passengers often feel uncomfortable with air flowing directly onto them. The system subtly directs a stream of air along the front side windows to the roof, creating a vortex of air beside and above occupants. The effect of these new vents does not impact directly on passengers but creates a comfortable internal environment for all.

The sense of connection with the outside world begins with excellent outward visibility. This has been enabled by several enhancements. Firstly, a new driving position, which is 10 mm higher than the previous model. In addition, windows that are designed to admit as much light as possible, which are aided by the horizontally orientated, noiseless instrumental panel to the flat line of the bonnet. Furthermore, the mirror attachment has moved lower down the door, improving visibility around the three-quarter area when turning.

Honda’s next-generation body stabilising front seats feature mat-structure support, replacing the previous spring set-up, which helps prevent fatigue on long journeys and increases comfort in everyday use. For additional comfort while driving, the interior controls are optimally positioned as close as possible to the driver’s field of vision. The uncluttered, simple-to-use layout further adds to the sense of spaciousness, with instantly recognisable audio and ventilation controls allowing for safe and intuitive operation.

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