2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06: Regular Car Reviews

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Benefits of Polishing and Waxing Your Car

Whether you have owned a car for many years or just bought a new model, it is practical to put in place a proper maintenance schedule. There are many things to consider in the process of maintenance. It is essential to keep on top of the mechanical maintenance to ensure the vehicle is kept running.

The Hatchback: Lenso Wheels on Everyday Cars

There are always drivers out there who try their best to make the best modified car on the streets. They change everything from the external trim to the interiors. Are you looking at making your car completely customised too? Start off with changing the wheels first as they can make the most dramatic impact.

Brake Discs: What Makes Up The Braking Systems?

Apart from the actual engine, the braking system might be the most important system of the car. Why? Without brakes, you will never be able to stop which means that the car is just a metallic wagon.

Automotive Lights: What Do All the Lights Mean?

All cars are equipped with a functioning set of lights on the interior and exterior of the car. The lights that are usually found on your dashboard are for your convenience to notify you if there is a problem with the car. The exterior lights are there for the other drivers so that they know what you are about to do.

Re-Conditioning Your Vehicle (Exterior)

I will be going through some of the ways you can freshen up the look and presentation of your vehicle. Presentation is everything when trying to put your vehicle up on the market for sale or if you just want that “like” brand new feeling every time you get in your car or if you are just trying to impress your blind date!

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