1978 AMC Pacer: Regular Car Reviews

The AMC Pacer was the feel-good car from the 1970’s. Party on. Yes, this is the same kind of car from Wayne’s World aka Mirthmobile. [EDIT] This Pacer actually had the 258 and not the 232. Get over 65% off the Kove Commuter 2 here: http://koveaudio.com/rct64
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Simple Modifications to Enhance the Performance of Ferrari Cars

Tuning the car engine for enhancing its performance has become the hottest topic in the cyber world among the motors throughout the world. An interesting fact about the tuning is that it is not able to enhance the performance of old cars but also in the newly launched cars, that are endorsed to empowered with powerful engines.

Paint Protection Film – What Is It?

Paint protection is often the elusive solution for car detailing. A solution that, whilst unbeknown to many, is often praised as being the most effective way of protecting your vehicle from various factors that could cause damage.

The Rise of The Keyless Theft and How To Power Up Your Security

The statistics regarding keyless theft is getting worse every day. Thieves use gadgets called relay boxes to break into and steal brand-new cars. Owners of vehicles with keyless entry systems need to implement additional security measures in place to fend off relay attacks and avoid being a victim of the latest crime wave.

What Is A Car Wrap?

A quick overview of what a car vinyl wrap is. We show you that car wrapping is not just for exotic sports cars, but how it’s used in various different ways, and how it can also help your vehicle.

Enhancing Tyres With Nitrogen Inflation

We’ve all seen those movies where they use nitrogen in the engine for speed. While that is great fun to watch, it’s not the only thing it is used for. Nitrogen can be used to inflate tyres which can give you a different driving experience on the road. Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to inflate your tyres with nitrogen.

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